How to make homemade playdough

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Play Dough: “Play dough is the fail safe way to engage and excite little hands and minds! It is a brilliant sensory and fine motor tool that is ridiculously easy to make and so much better than any store bought versions.” (Source:Best Ever No-Cook Play Dough Recipe!) Making playdough at home is really fun and easy! You know all the ingredients going into it which makes it completely safe.   Below is an easy and simple no cook recipe for you to make play dough for your child to enjoy: You’ll Need: 1 cup flour ½ cup table salt 2 [...]

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Dinosaur Sensory Bin

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What is Sensory Play? Children at a very young age start to explore and learn about their surroundings, using all their five senses. Grown-ups normally utilize one or two senses to understand their surroundings, while for babies the maximum senses they use, the better they understand their surroundings. “Research shows that babies learn much more from interacting with their environments than they do from passive observation, and sensory play encourages the development and integration of the senses through exploration.” (Source:What is sensory play and why do it?) Sensory play can be any play that involves the senses. It allows children [...]

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