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Autism – Signs and Symptoms

By |2021-09-09T23:55:00-04:00November 10, 2020|Autism and Other Special Needs|

In the world of early childhood education, we have become very familiar with developmental disabilities in our students. Some of these children are diagnosed prior to starting school, while others first exhibit noticeable symptoms during the beginning of their academic years.    Autism is one of the most common developmental disabilities, with more than 3 million new cases diagnosed each year, occurring in 1 out every 54 births. Both boys and girls can have autism, but more often it is found in boys.    As teachers and mothers who want the very best for our children, it’s important to be aware [...]

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

By |2020-05-01T06:36:51-04:00April 30, 2020|DIY Play Ideas and Activities for Kids, Recent|

What is Sensory Play? Children at a very young age start to explore and learn about their surroundings, using all their five senses. Grown-ups normally utilize one or two senses to understand their surroundings, while for babies the maximum senses they use, the better they understand their surroundings. “Research shows that babies learn much more from interacting with their environments than they do from passive observation, and sensory play encourages the development and integration of the senses through exploration.” (Source:What is sensory play and why do it?) Sensory play can be any play that involves the senses. It allows children [...]

How to tame Tantrums?

By |2020-05-01T06:36:51-04:00April 27, 2020|Recent|

What are Tantrums? Tantrums are usually an unmanageable outbreak of emotions like anger or frustration, often in a child of a younger age.  Tantrums come in different forms. Some children may start by just whining, while some go from crying to screaming in seconds. Tantrums can also be seen as kicking, hitting to even holding breath.  Causes for Tantrums: Below are a few reasons for why your child may throw a tantrum: -Hunger -Tiredness (not getting enough sleep) -Want something -Can not understand something -Trouble in expressing  -Strong emotions   How to Tame Tantrums:  You may be able to avoid [...]

Hand-eye coordination activities

By |2020-05-01T06:36:51-04:00April 26, 2020|Recent|

“Hand-eye coordination is the ability to perform movements with the hands while being guided by the eyes. A child’s hands and sight work together to perform tasks.” (Source:https://empoweredparents.co/hand-eye-coordination/) Importance of Hand-eye Coordination: Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important skills for functioning in your daily life. The most simple task can get difficult to do if we have no hand-eye coordination. Good hand-eye coordination helps children in different areas of life, such as sports, handwriting, reading, play and life skills. Activities for improving hand-eye coordination in your child: - Hitting a suspended ball with a racket - Throwing a ball [...]

What is Autism?

By |2020-05-01T06:36:51-04:00April 25, 2020|Autism and Other Special Needs, Recent|

Sickness is a part of life. Some we face while developing, and some are inborn illnesses. The ones we face while developing are mostly curable or easy to identify. While the inborn ones are sometimes challenging to locate and have fewer chances to get a cure. One of the inborn medical conditions we often hear about is Autism.  Below is the information about what Autism is and if it is curable or not. Autism: Autism or medically known as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is one of the inborn illnesses. Symptoms of Autism usually started to get visible by the age of [...]

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