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Welcome to Spectacokids

Spectacokids was created with the hope of providing educational and therapeutic teaching resources, along with new teaching and behaviour management strategies for parents and teachers. Our expertise are in Applied Behaviour Analysis, Speech therapy and Early Childhood Development.

With this site, our mission is to share valuable strategies for behaviour management, early childhood development, fun activities and ideas for children and much more!


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Activities to Promote Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very important skill when communicating. It tells the other person that you are listening to them and invested in the conversation. It is also used to gain others’ attention while helping you understand how the other person feels. Children with autism disorder usually have difficulty communicating, so they find it hard

Signs of Autism in Babies and Toddlers

Often, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) show developmental alterations when they are babies, particularly in social, linguistic, and behavioral skills. Some toddlers even interact differently or may not interact at all with others. Babies can start showing signs of ASD as early as two months of age. Since autism is a spectrum, one child

Strategies to Improve Joint Attention

Joint attention refers to the ability to share a common focus on something with someone, including people, objects, concepts, events, etc. It is mainly a social form of communication built up during infancy and continues to grow until early childhood. Joint attention is a significant factor for a child’s social development, cognitive development, and language

Triggers of Behaviour for Children with Autism

Children with autism disorder are very sensitive, and it’s common for them to behave in certain challenging ways. However, not every autistic child is the same. If one factor is triggering an autistic child’s behaviour, it might not affect the other child. Once a trigger has affected an autistic’s behaviour, it is difficult for them

The Three Functional Levels of Autism

When talking about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it features various levels starting from mild to severe symptoms. People diagnosed with the disorder are further diagnosed into the level of symptoms they have. The levels pave the way for more clarity for a person’s diagnosis of where they fit in on the spectrum. To be precise,

Lesser Known Signs of Autism

We are all aware of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its signs and symptoms. Its common symptoms are difficulty in communicating, displaying of social skills, and repetitive behaviours. However, there are certain signs that we may not know and are not that obvious to recognise. It is best to stay aware of all of the